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If you've found yourself here I'm guessing you often wonder why one week you feel like super woman
and the next week you feel totally overwhelmed and out of control?

Perhaps you find yourself feeling exhausted n like you are doing all
the right things 
but still not getting anywhere?

What if there was method to your madness?
What if you had a map to guide you through life's inevitable ups and downs?

What if your menstrual cycle wasn't a burden like the (fading) patriarchal culture tells you it is
but that it's actually a magical blueprint to your super powers?

People all across the globe are creating new social norms about how
we relate to our hormone cycles and it's freaking awesome.

We're reframing the story.

having tools and cultivating practices that support and nourish

the ups and downs of my hormone cycle has radically changed my life.


I feel so much more empowered and encouraged by being prepared for life challenges

and now get to enjoy the benefits of the menstrual cycle instead of being victim to it.

I am honored to share some of those tools with you :)

and so blessed that you're here to receive them!

Behold!                 ... the cyclical reflections journal kit!

My all time favorite,

go to,

can't imagine living without,

guide for my inner chaos.

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These printable guides I've created for you are a great tool

to start aligning your life with your inner rhythms.

They're designed to help you connect to the Wisdom

of your body's rhythms influenced by your monthly hormone cycle.


After tracking my own cycle for some time now, I've combined my own experiences and research to curate questions that I ask myself during each phase of my cycle to help me connect to my Purpose and Peace and help guide my planning and decision making.

This was a game changer for me

leave behind what is causing burn out

move forward with what brings fulfillment.

learn how to make simple adjustments to align with your inner rhythms instead of fighting against them

drop cultural expectations of over working with no payoff

find deeper intimacy in your relationships

find the rest you are craving

align with your values and learn how to prioritize what's really important

and a whole lot of other surprises

This cyclical living reflections kit will help you:

What does the kit include?

one year's worth of blank monthly cycle tracker templates

an example month and guide to help you with your monthly tracking


one year's worth of inner season journal prompts

year at a glance intention setting page

four inner seasons thriving tips at a glance with suggested foods, herbs, habits and

a beautiful affirmation for each inner season


mini at a glance sheets for multi use convenience or to share with your roommate or partner

a guide for how to utilize the prompts and at a glance sheets


*This is a digital download purchase for you to utilize as a pdf or print at home.

You can also send it to your local printer to make a nice lil booklet out of it if you want. 

I personally use these prompts and have watched dreams and visions manifest.

It's just so fun to engage in this process of Life unfolding.

I'm excited for you to utilize these tools!

What do you mean watch your dreams and visions manifest?

The hormone cycle is like a built in navigation system to help reveal to us

what's not serving our highest purpose and to help guide us

towards how to embody our deepest longings.

I know, so counter cultural.

Consumeristic society tells us we should keep producing at all costs

ignore our health

disregard our defeat

blame shame and resent

as long as we keep moving and stay busy we'll find fulfillment

but we all know that's not working

These journal prompts are life freaking changing to support the cycles

of rest and renewal, release and creativity along side our glorified production.

They'll teach us how to fully take advantage of each phase of our cycle

so that we actually enjoy the things that we are producing

Sounds nice huh?

I'm not claiming the answers to your overwhelm or some quick fix to solve your problems

Only you know what's best for you please remember that.


I've had lots of other support on my journey and still use tons of other tools

but for me, this is the missing link that brings it all together

For you it might not be.

But if you're resonating with this right now

and you're like "Whoa girl yes I know am so impacted by this n I want tools"

Then I've got you.

It's all I freaking think about

It impacts every aspect of my life now

It's just too good to not share it with you

Every time I bring this up in conversation with people its the same response

(well either they get quite and uncomfortably pivot the conversation or they're like...)

"Whoa this is so good why don't we talk about this more"

I'm committed to normalizing the conversation.

I'm not okay all this bullshit about how people who menstruate are weak or less than

The only reason why we're experiencing pain in our cycles is because

we are working against our biology to fit ourselves into a societal mold

that's not supportive of our cyclical nature.



But we're changing that... n it's actually pretty simple

Join the conversation.

I'm a huge believer that small changes make huge waves

Implementing little shifts in how you relate to your cycle is revolutionary.

For your own life, for those around you, and also for future generations

Are you ready?

Are you not really into the journal but want some other tools to support your journey?

Check out the educational tool box I made for you!