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These are some amazing products that I highly endorse.

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or just wanna share em with you cause the world is a better place with their creations.


I do this because I hard core believe in these companies.

They are committed to sourcing and shipping products with beautifully sustainability practices and or

by their purchases are giving back to the planet and her people in some radically transformative ways.

It is empowered choices to purchase products like these,

through companies like these, that make the world a better place.

Every dollar is voting for what kind of future we want to live in.

For us, and for generations to come.

Together we can create a better future

by being conscious consumers

Holding Tampons

Did you know traditional pads and tampons have chemicals in them that can actually cause cramps and hormone imbalance? I know what the heck?!

not to mention the insane amount of plastic waste from the applicators!

Do yourself and the earth a favor and make the easy switch to organic...

Check these ones out!

or my all time favorite tampon alternative, the menstrual cup.
Don't knock it till you've tried it!
Game changer!

Check out these options!

Menstrual Cup
Modelling Underwear

Also it's time for you to try period panties..
They'll change your life. No more anxious am I bleeding through my pants days for you!

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