let us empower you

Abigail offers one-on-one and private small group support sessions.

In these sessions she provides education
about our body's hormonal biology
and offers guidance on how to heal
and align with our body's natural rhythms.

She teaches us how to naturally balance hormones
to release pain and discomfort
and become our most productive and fulfilled selves.

Receive Support

one - on - one

In person or virtual meet ups where we empower your personal journey and help you release pain and discomfort and align with your inner rhythms, equipping you to walk in your power and find peace.

social circles

Do you have a group of friends, a networking container, a group of folx who want to connect and find liberation? Let's connect about how we can discover new pathways of freedom together.


Menstrual empowerment in the workplace helps us be our most efficient and productive selves. Let's talk about leadership training or employee workshops. These can be done casual conversation, or formal presentation style.


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