This reishi tincture is super special

The whole process of creating it was just so mystical and healing for me.


Long story short someone that my partner randomly met gifted us a ton of reishi mushrooms that they had just harvested from a trip to Madeline Island; 


somewhere someone from my past lives whom I had just been thinking about and grieving the loss of our connections and confronting the fear that still visits me from time to time due to the pain that occured during those times with that friend. 


This gift and the interaction with the sweeties who gave us the mushrooms reminded me that I can be grateful for how far we've all come on our healing journey. And how abundance can reside in the midst of sorrow. And that sometimes healing comes out of the blue n can bless a lot of people depending on what we do with the gifts we are given. 


I hope this medicine blesses you too



Reishi Mushroom has so so many health benefits.
Such as but not limited to:


○ Reduces risks of chronic diseases

○ Detoxifies body

○ Boosts Energy

○ Effective in treating gout & digestive issues

○ Boosts cognitive development

○ Helps prevent and cure cancer

○ Gives relief for respitory disorders

○ Lowers bad cholesterol levels

○ Prevents allergic reactions

○ and more!


This product has not been eveluated by the FDA and this information is for educational purposes only. This is now a 1 oz bottle

Reishi Mushroom Tincture

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