It's a personal mission to create new social norms about how we relate to our hormone cycles. We're often taught that it's shameful or a burden, but I disagree. I believe that by changing the way we relate to our cycles it can actually be an empowering tool for an enjoyable journey.

These casual gatherings are for menstruators and for those who want to learn how to relate to menstruators better. All genders welcome menstruating or not. Come with questions or thoughts to discuss or just an open heart and listening ears.


Hosting an event at your business or with a group of friends or family creates a comfortable space to discuss these topics. We can keep it super general and open or more workshop style with a specific focus such as how to support project efficency in the workplace, or self worth in teenagers, the options are truely endless... 


This can be over zoom or in person within 30 miles of Eau Claire, WI.

I will reach out to you upon purchase to discuss details.

Private Group Cycle Chat