This here oil blend is special to my heart.

I grow the herbs I put in each bottle in my own yard with a lot of intention and compassion.


Gardening is medicine for my soul and being with the Earth heals and soothes the deepest parts of me. When I bottle these babies up I speak lots of blessings; so not only are you recieving the medicinal herbal properties that each plant graciously gives but also the prayers of gratitude that spring up from with me as well ;)


I utilize this oil mostly for breast massage in my own practice but please use it wherever your body says yes! It will soften and revitalize your skin with much delight.


Ingredients: Sunflower oil, Fractionated Coconut oil, Avocado Oil, Vitamin e oil, Lavendar essential oil, Himalayan sea salt, Homegrown lavendar and calendula petals and rosemary leaves,  along with Good vibes and a whole lot of love


This is a 100ml dropper bottle n a little goes a long way.

Healing Body Oil

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