Flower Essences are similar to herbal tinctures but they are extracted in a gentler way where the constintuents are more beneficial on the emotional level.


When I first started exploring flower essences I thought they were a little woo but I've actually found them to be very effective. Subtle but powerful.


This particular essence activates a grounded curiosity that dissolves competition & nourishes an abundant sense of safety and belonging and contains:



Cultivator of self compassion increasing capacity to care for others in a reciprocal way.

Enhancer of taking the gentle approach both with yourself and with others.

Dissolves jealousy and insecurities. Helps release fears of being misunderstood, feeling alone and out of place.

Magnifies empathy, comfort, equanimity, and a sense of safty and belonging helping you feel valued and included.




Helpful for clearing worry, indecision, making decisions driven from people please pleasing and lack of self-confidence and helps us connect to the simple joys of life.


Dandelion helps increase stamina, clarity, and focus, and encourages a healthy embrace of one's needs and wants as an individual as well as ones place in community.

It brings out the childlike playfulness and innocence of self expression and helps us let go of comparison and just be ourselves valuing who we are as we are.


and PEONY is all about experiencing life to the fullest. Finding the nectar of life and blooming into full expression of our radiance with tenderness and acceptance of what is.


You can put a few drops of the flower essence elixir directly into your mouth or I enjoy putting a few drops in a special elixer. You can do this throughout the day or as needed.  For best resaults take up to 5 times throughout the day. This is a 1 oz bottle

Habitual Oasis Elixir