Flower Essences are similar to herbal tinctures but they are extracted in a gentler way where the constintuents are more beneficial on the emotional level.


When I first started exploring flower essences I thought they were a little woo but I've actually found them to be very effective. Subtle but powerful.


This particular blend is made from Chamomile, Rose, and Wild Bergamont and is all about helping support you to embody and express you passions with ease. Rose helps us to stay centered in our hearts while giving us the strength to set the boundaries we need in order to stay have the time and energy to focus. Wild Bergamont helps us to collaborate and attract what we need in order to make our visions manifest, and Chamomile helps us find peace and calm so we can fully enjoy the journey.


Literal Magic.

Works Wonders.


You can put a few drops of the flower essence directly onto your skin to absord topically, or right under your tounge. I enjoy putting a few drops in a special elixer. You can do this throughout the day or as needed.  This is a 1 oz bottle

Embodied Passion Flower Essence