Have you started to learn a little about how the menstrual cycle effects you and want to start tracking yours? Or perhaps you've been tracking and would like some guidance on what the next step is?


These printable guides I've created for you are a great tool to start aligning your life with your inner rhythms. After tracking my own cycle for some time now, I've combined my own experiences and research to curate questions that I ask myself during each phase of my cycle to help me connect to my Purpose and Peace.


These prompts are designed to help you connect to the Wisdom of your body's rhythms influnced by your monthly hormone cycle. This guide will help you leave behind what is causing burn out and move forward with what brings fulfillment. It's good stuff.

This printable package includes:


  • one year's worth of blank monthly cycle tracker templates
  • an example month and guide to help you with your monthly tracking


  • one year's worth of inner season journal prompts
  • year at a glance intention setting page
  • four inner seasons thriving tips at a glance
    with suggested foods, herbs, habits and
  • a beautiful affirmation for each inner season


  • mini at a glance sheets for multi use convenience or to share with your roommate or partner
  • a guide for how to utilize the prompts and at a glance sheets


I personally use these prompts and have watched dreams and visions manifest. It's just so fun to engage in this process of Life unfolding. I'm excited for you to utilize these tools!


*This is a digital download purchase for you to utilize as a pdf or print at home. You can also send it to your local printer to make a nice lil booklet out of it if you want. 

Cyclical Reflections Booklet

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  • Once you purchase your download you are welcome to print it as many times as you desire, utalizing part or all of this valuable booklet for years to come.

    I share in the guide that I'd love for you to share the mini at a glance sheets with your mates, but I ask that the rest of it is for personal use. If others are interested in utalizing it, please point them to my site for individual purchase. 

    Thank you so much for supporting my small business. I'm so stoked to partner with you in this life changing work :) Blessings!