This box is part self care, part educational; themed around the menstrual cycle. 

Great for if you want to learn about your cycle and get some tools on how to start embracing your inner rythms. Also makes a great gift for someone you know could benefit. 




> Inner seasons affirmation card with a short phrase that supports what's happening with our hormones during each season of the menstrual cycle to help you feel empowered and at ease. Comes with a link to a free printable cycle tracker guide


> Mini inner season cards for each phase of the cycle with some tips on how you can make some little shifts to align your life with your hormone cycle. These are great to just leave out on your counter or on your mirror as a reminder of how you can nourish your body and also as a little hint to anyone else living with you!


> An organic cotton period pouch and guide to help you prepare for menstruation each month


> Light hearted zine talking about some ways you can begin to align your life with your inner ups and downs


> Ginger Rose healing womb balm; for soothing cramps and back aches made by yours truly with super special ingredients gathered and harevested with lots of care


> Cycle supportive herbal tea that I source from a special farm not too far from where I live. Check out Sacred Blossom Farm to learn more about just how special it is. 


> And of course a couple wimsical little surprises


(This is an old photo; will post the updated version soon)

Cyclical Living Box

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