Queen Anne's lace is known to help stop the fertilization of the egg during ovulation to prevent pregnancy. Where no form of birth control, other than abstinance, is 100% garunteed, Queen Anne's Lace has been studied with great resaults. The womb carrier just takes a dropper full after gettin it on; as soon as possible but up to 24 hours after. 


Unlike the pharmacutical Plan B pill which can be damaging to the system, especially if taken often, Queen Anne's Lace actually has positive health benefits. During ovulation and a few days before and after is when it's needed if trying to aviod pregnacy but there's no harm in taking it as often as will give you peace of mind. I recommend learning more about natural family planning to go along with utilizing this tincture for safest resaults.


We want conceving a child to desired and welcomed, this beautiful plant will help you make empowered choices with your body while embracing pleasure and enjoying the journey.


This product has not been eveluated by the FDA and this information is for educational purposes only and does not come with any garuntees. This is a 1 oz bottle

Conscious Conceptions Tincture