Special order whimsical whatnots to brighten your path :)

​​I promise everything I make is infused with magic memories

and will leave traces of good mojo in your life

helping you create holistic self care practices,

and inspiring rhythms of renewalfor a purpose filled journey: D

​Check out the GIVING BACK page to learn more bout my ethics


...A mystery box full of whimsical creations that will help you connect to the Sacred and find rhythms of renewal for a purposed filled journey.





  • delightfully quaint or playful behavior that may bring joy.
    a whim .

  • plural noun: whimsies; a thing that is fanciful or mysterious often unexpectedly 



* Everything in this box is sustainable sourced, up-cycled/re-cycled, homegrown, fair trade, something along these lines; conscious consumer friendly and will inspire an intentional healthy lifestyle. 


These items will include things such as homemade body care products I've made,

or other things I've grown from my gardens,

probably some trinkets I've found on some special adventures,
perhaps some poetry, inspiring quotes, or featured items my artist friends have made,
and very likely some type of art I have created myself...

My favorite materials to work with personally are wool and other natural fibers

but who knows what creative flow will burst out of here!


The medium box of whimsy is around 6 X 4 X 2in and will contain around $50 worth of product in a reusable recycled kraft box. Each box is uniquely one of a kind, intuitivly packaged just for you and does not contain exactly what you see in the example photos shown. Shipping is free.


Box of Whimsy

SKU: 222

    If for any reason you are dissatisfied with what you order; [ if something is broken, if it's not what you were expecting... ] please let me know asap and I'll be pleased to work with you. I certainly desire that all of my customers are blessed by our partnership. That's truly the purpose of what I do so don't hesitate. I'm always seeking to grow and expand. Simply contact me at practicerhythmicrenewal@gmail.com.