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I believe every choice matters and that means every dollar too.

I hope that my products inspire people to be conscious consumers;

to be aware of what their dollars are supporting.

We have the power to create a better future.

Where we choose to put our money

is a huge huge piece of that puzzle.

We get to take care of ourselves

AND be a part of something bigger than ourselves



*  one dollar of every. single. purchase. is donated to a

nonprofit in my home town called Fierce Freedom.

Fierce Freedom's mission is to educate and raise awareness
to help end human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and modern day slavery.

As Fierce Freedom often says: "Do the something you can do"

Be a part of the change

I believe that by tracking your hormone cycle you are a part of creating a future void of human trafficking and sexual abuse. 

Listen to the interview at the link below to learn now