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I'm constantly growing and changing and being inspired by new things

so in order to keep showing up with presence and potency

and keep the creativity flowing and authentic

what I am offering you is going to be changing and growing

right along with my wild nature

I hope that excites you as much as it does me!

Here's what's currently on the menu...



Boxes of Whimsy

In this world full of demands and distractions it takes intentionality to weave in rhythms of renewal

I create all sorts of whimsical nature based self care tools and intuitively compile

one of a kind self care boxes to help you keep peace and find purpose.

Everything in the boxes are sustainable sourced, up-cycled/re-cycled, homegrown, fair trade,

something along these lines; conscious consumer friendly and will inspire an intentional healthy lifestyle.



Comes in 3 different sizes and makes a super special gift.