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n I just gotta say... I'm super impressed that you're choosing to explore tools

to uncover the magic of your inner rhythms

this sh*t's legendary n I'm so so glad

that our paths have crossed

If you've found yourself here I'm guessing you often wonder why one week you feel like super woman
and the next week you feel totally overwhelmed and out of control?

Perhaps you find yourself feeling exhausted n like you are doing all
the right things 
but still not getting anywhere?

What if there was method to your madness?

What if you had a map to guide you through life's inevitable ups and downs?

What if your menstrual cycle wasn't a burden like culture tells you it is but that

it's actually a magical blueprint to your super powers?


People all across the globe are creating new social norms about how
we relate to our hormone cycles and it's freaking awesome.

We're reframing the story.

join the conversation.

I'm a huge believer that

small changes  make huge waves.

Implementing little shifts

in how you relate to your cycle

is revolutionary.

For your own life, for those around you,

and also for future generations

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