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Hi I'm Abigail!

I struggled with PMDD & PTSD for many years & everything changed when I found and started

practicing Hormone Cycle Awareness.


I can happily say today that I am nearly 100%

free from symptoms & live an empowering

life aligned with my inner rhythms.


I actually LOVE my hormone cycle now and I'm

so grateful you have found this work. I hope it

blesses you as much as it has me!

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Best Friends


To educate and equip menstruators to flourish in alignment with their body's natural rhythms.


A liberated and empowered cultural narrative

around the menstrual cycle.


We are committed to regenerative sustainability practices, always aiming to cultivate communities of symbiotic holistic health sovereignty.

It's super important to us that all of the materials we utilize are consciously sourced.


This includes ecofriendly packaging and printing, sourcing local products whenever possible, as well as partnering with organizations & businesses that are supporting equity & inclusion with pay it forward mentalities for people & planet.