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Hi I'm Abigail!

I'ma freakin magical self-care expert who's committed to helping you navigate life's inevitable ups and downs by stewarding peaceful states so your body can do the amazing job of healing itself.

I believe our bodies are out of this world amazing...

I currently specialize in somatic modalities for hormone cycle literacy.


Most people are taught that menstruation is shameful or a burden, but I teach people how to reframe their relationship with their cycle to be an enjoyable empowering roadmap to find fulfillment

rather than something we resist and dread. 

That's right... Enjoyable

We're creating new social norms here. Releasing the stigmas.

Creating pathways of liberation for generations to come.

Our body's are pure magic. 

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I offer educational experiences, body-based practices,

and potent medicinal herbal products that powerfully support your empowerment. I've been in the holistic health realm for over a decade gaining tools from a wide variety of natural healing modalities and resiliently embodying them myself through my own trauma healing journey.

I'm so so grateful our paths have crossed and am excited to be on this journey with you. It's a beautifully wild world, and we need to work together to make the best of it. We are stronger together!

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